Chakra Workshop
Join Leela Devi for a day-long exploration of the energetic centers of the body.

The workshop will include:
  • steps for using the chakras to ground the bodies energy
  • guided visualizations for moving energy through the energy channels
  •  sounds to open the charkas
  • use a pendulum to detect the size a movement of a chakras'
  • discover the Sanskrit mantras for each chakra
  • delve deep into the Sanskrit symbols for each chakra
  • use gem stones to bring energy to the chakra during bodywork sessions
  • and more!

Filtered water, tea, snacks & a vegetarian  lunch
will be provided for workshop participants.
You may want to bring:
a legal pad
writing utensils
drawing / coloring materials
A comfortable folding chair
drums, rattles, & other percussive instruments
The workshop will be offered
when the class roster is full.

Workshop Cost ..............$85.00*

$35 deposit is needed for registration

*One work-trade slot is available

Chakra Workshop Registration Form
email address:
phone number:
Please list
3 possible Saturdays
you would be available
to attend the workshop.