Leela Devi
Life Style Coach    &
Sivananda Yoga Instructor
photo by Shelby McDuff
Live Healthy
Discover exciting new ways to make a healthier food
choices, harmonize your living space, & incorporate
natural elementals into your active lifestyle.
Cooking for Optimum Health
  • Fast Food to Whole food
  • Fast & Simple Recipes
  • Easy Sauces
  • Joyful & Creative cooking
  • Time management
  • On-site Meal Prep
  • How to buy natural foods
  • Guided shopping trips
  • Personal Food Plans
  • Weekly Food Plans
  • Cooking Classes
  • Cooking with fresh herbs
Bring Harmony
Your Home
& Outer Surroundings
  • Space Clearing
  • De-cluttering
  • Organization
  • Home & Yard Feng Shui
  • Land & Directional
  • Color therapy & coordination
  • "Faux Finishing"
  • Space Revitalization
  • Reuse & Recycle
  • Making "GREEN" Choices
  • Organic Culinary Herb Boxes

We would love to share our knowledge and passion with you, your club, or your staff.
We offer short 30 minute presentations with hand outs & natural food samples or
day-long workshops to suit your individual needs.
On a personal level, we are happy to consult with  you in your home
or take the short drive to visit us at
Leela Devi Yoga Studio
just off the Cheniere Exit in West Monroe.
Start living healthier, naturally, TODAY !

(916) 524-7943  CALL OR TEXT
Tips & Tea
                   with the Kitchen Sage

    Relax & sip hot herbal tea, as you explore healthy culinary ideas  with  
    simple, user-friendly recipes. Watch us prepare the dishes & taste the
    delicious samples hot, off the stove.  We also share stress release tips  
    herbal remedies, & etc. You will leave with recipes, nutritional
    information, & a location sheet for the ingredients.
Sunday Sangha
May 5th   9:30 am    
$20   sign-up: